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De Kleijn Energy Consultants & Engineers

With a passion for technology and a aversion of waste, we have been working for more than 20 years to achieve a maximum reduction of energy consumption in the industry. And also in the field of use of raw and auxiliary materials, a maintenance, reliability and food safety, we prove every day that substantial improvements are possible. We continuously want to reduce waste in the industry together with our customers. Here we can state that we have a constant ambition to approach 0, or:

Zero Ambition

If you take this ambition seriously, you have to see consultancy, engineering and process optimization as one package. Because only together they provide original and structural solutions. Note: these solutions don’t have to be complicated, preferably not! Just by combining existing technologies and knowledge, simple and smart solutions are created. Solutions which work
Teamwork is essential here, Not only within our team but also with our customers. If all are working on the same goal, it creates space for deepening discussion and… real innovation. As real technicians we want get our teeth into complex problems and solve them. Because there you’ll find the best reward, space for new insights and our passion will be feed the most! If you share our ‘Zero-ambition’ and need a fresh review of your project, we would love to come and think and act together with you!

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