De Kleijn offers a complete package of services related to energy and energy saving in industrial companies. Our knowledge areas are utilities, processes and heat recovery. Every production process is different, therefore we deliver customized solutions. Together with our client we search for the best solutions. Our focus is not restricted to energy savings and investment costs. Reliability, safety, maintenance and operatability are also important factors.

Customized solutions for complex processes require technical knowledge and analytical skills. Therefore, all consultants of De Kleijn have at least a technical college or university degree. To push the knowledge to a higher level De Kleijn works with specializations. Each consultant has one or more specializations and attends additional training, meetings and is aware of the latest developments in his field.

Our consultancy services

  • Energy survey
  • Feasibility study
  • Heat study
  • Proces optimisation
  • Ventilation survey
  • Refrigeration survey
  • Technical inspection
  • Measurement campain

More information?

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