Over the years De Kleijn has performed engineering projects for utilities, HVAC systems, process equipment and heat recovery systems. Together with our clients we search for the best solutions with a good balance between investment costs, operational costs, reliability and ease of use. Due to the independency of De Kleijn we can give the best solution for our customers, without being influenced by economic interests. The result of our engineering services is a detailed technical specification to which various parties can offer.

After the engineering phase is completed, we are often involved in the procurement and construction phase by giving technical support. At completion we can perform measurements to check the performance of the installation.

Our engineering services

  • Global design
  • Detail design
  • Specifications and tendering
  • Project management

Global design
To investigate which system is most efficient, a global design is created for which the following activities have to be executed:

  • Performance of necessary system design calculations;
  • Design of a system description;
  • Design of a Flow diagram;
  • Estimation of investment costs. For main compartments tender offers are made. In the case of smaller compartments, investment costs are estimated based on our experience from previous projects.

The global system design gives our customers the opportunity to make legitimate decisions on investment issues. Based on the global system design a detailed design is created.

Detail design
Within this stage of the design process the following activities are, among other things, executed:

  • Design of Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&ID’s);
  • Execution of detailed design calculations for example pressure drop and expansion calculations;
  • Design of assembly and pipe routing drawings;
  • Formulation of a list of components and technical specifications;
  • Making of a functional description of the controls.

Specifications and tendering
Based on the detailed design a tender document is created, including a project description and all technical specifications. Together with the customer, a number of parties are selected to make an offer. During the tendering process De Kleijn will answer all technical questions. At the end of the process we check the offers and advice our client.

Project management
De Kleijn can support your company during the realization of engineering projects. We ensure that contractors and installers deliver and install their products within a determined period of time according to the system design developed by us. We attend meetings, take care of coordination of activities, give feedback on drawings and specifications provided by contractors and we are in charge of time schedules.

Our company can also support customers when installations have to be put into service. Tuning towards optimal performance of the new installation is accomplished and through tests a correct functionality of the installation is checked. Employees that are going to work with the new installation are instructed and a full documentation, as well as manuals and as-built drawings are provided by us.

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