Heat recovery

Each factory has waste heat. This can be high-grade heat, such as 200°C flue gases, but this could also be a 30°C waste water flow. However, every plant has also much heat demand i.e. heating buildings and processes. With heat recovery the waste heat flows can be re-used and consumption of fossil fuels can be reduced.

Utilize waste heat

To utilize waste heat from your processes and utilities, some things are important:

  • The temperature of the waste heat should match the temperature of the process or building to be heated. When the required temperature is higher than the waste heat temperature, a heat pump can be applied to increase the temperature level of the waste heat.
  • The amount of heat available shall matcht with the required amount of heat. However, it is also possible heat a building or process partly with waste heat.
  • Simultaneity between the waste heat flow and the heat demand is required. By the use of a buffer, this can be overcome.

More information?

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