Introducing: Lars van Lubeek

Last month, Lars van Lubeek has started working at De Kleijn. Below Lars presents himself to you.

Lars van Lubeek

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Lars van Lubeek, I am 22 years old and born in Bergharen. Since a few months I'm living in Nijmegen, where I live with two good friends. My friends describe me as a social and driven person. I can describe myself as someone who can inspire people with my vision and passion. My goal is not only to save energy but also give others energy.

Last July I have successfully completed my education environmental technology at HAS University of Applied Sciences. In the meantime I worked as a upholsterer at Marcusse furnishings in Winssen.

My motivation to work in the energy sector comes from the experiences I have gained in the Netherlands and also abroad. I did an internship at Philips Healthcare in Best, where I made an energy analysis from the site. Afterwards, I have been half a year in Italy where I have performed sustainability analyses for various hotels.

In my free time I am actively involved in the soccer team UHC. I play at the first team and organise activities for members and volunteers of UHC